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  • rudy posted

    The purpose of this site is to explore the use of social software (here Open Social on Drupal (LEMP)) in the context of wado in Canada. See this site for details on the software.

    To see how this might work please read "How to build an on-line community from Scratch"

    The key idea behind this software is that people form groups (communities) with common interests. In our case every participating dojo would form its own group or community. Think of this as combining the best of linkedin, instagram, twitter and facebook.

    Groups can be made of groups and/or individuals drawn from other groups. Groups can communicate in private, in public, or with some private information and some public.

    Push technology enables authorized group members (e.g. dojo masters would own their groups and authorize their own group admins) to post material that is then sent directly to member smart phones or PCs.

    Key elements are:

    1 - a pre-built community for every member dojo (includes automated sign-on using the member's existing facebook, twitter, or other social network account id);

    2 - repository and lookup functions for member information (traditional info web page functions - see "about us" above);

    2 - information exchange (news, third party links, editorials, discussion forums - traditional blog page functions)

    3 - formal (structured) and informal course ware (including enrollment management - payment software is available but not installed; and,

    4 - event management (registration, scheduling, co-ordination - payment and hoteling are possible but require add-ons I have not installed).

    5 - video conferencing - any user can connect to any other user or group of users - is coming but not installed.